Going from a fatty to a fabby. one pound at a time.

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colormeshy asked: im sorry about yesterday, they are wrong. everyone goes to that place in the sky ( if that is what you believe) i hope everything else went better today :[

He is wrong, isn’t he? Thanks for your support. That’s very kind of you :) And, yes! Things did go better today!

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wings1295 asked: Sorry. Ignore your room mate!

Thanks, he’s an asshole anyway. I will just plan to ignore him haha :)

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lmfao, made my night honestly. 

holy shit

this is beautiful.

And…this is why I have no faith in the younger generation. How can people think this is awesome? This is disgusting. No one should treat another human being like that. 

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Getting over food addiction?

Is food addiction real? I think I may be addicted to food. 

Has anyone out here overcome food addiction? 

I think I may be addicted to food because I can’t stop thinking about it. I constantly wonder what I will be eating for lunch, for dinner—if I can eat that fried food, or have vegetables—it’s really…tiresome. 

Any suggestions to slowly start coming out of food addiction? 

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perseveringalways-deactivated20 asked: Bellamy is my favorite of the two fathers. :D

Hey, thanks! I’m not sure why I didn’t answer this so long ago. The show went extremely well! We sold out every peformance. It was, well, Fantastick!

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mylifestylejourney asked: Have you tried Whey Protein? It has helped me a lot with building muscle mass and shortening the recovery time after intense workouts.

I have tried Whey Protein! I’m actually going to go make a shake right now, haha. 

I really enjoy it. Thanks for the tip! Have you got any more? 

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wings1295 asked: You can do it!

Thank you! You are awesome. Thanks for the support. 

I can do this!